2nd Birthday Party!!

How has time flown so much that I'm sitting here blogging about Declan's 2nd birthday party??! Despite the not-so-fabulous-for-a-park-party weather (upper 90s, humid as heck), we all sweated together and had a blast!

This year's theme was balls. Declan has a crazy obsession with all balls and received some great new ones for his collection. I took it easy with decorating- a Happy Birthday sign, some balloons and cushy baseballs/basketballs/soccer balls on the tables for the little ones to take home. We set up a soccer goal and brought balls from home and the kids had fun! We had a classic summer lunch- hot dogs, chicken brats, fruit salad, pasta salad, homemade pickles and chips. Yum-o.
the spread:
cousins and friends:
time to open gifts!

the crew. we have such a fabulous family and are blessed with great friends!
cupcakes this year!
big boy blowing out his candle:
LOVE these guys!!
Here's to year #2 with the most precious gift. Love you, Deckers.


Jess said...

Looks like fun!! Happy bday Declan!

Simply Complex said...


Oh, that is so exciting. The party looked fabulous Ashley.

Melba said...

I can't believe it either...I still remember when your little man came home! Happy 2nd birthday to your awesome little man!


Anonymous said...

I need to say here that it just doesn't seem possible that he is two. Are you sure? :)

Happy Birthday Declan!

Kelly said...

ok, so I am loving your blog! Your pictures are amazing! This little boy is the cutest thing EVER!! So glad that you came across my blog and that I came across your's!