Full, Fun Day

Though Declan knows no different, I tried to make his birthday today an all day celebration. We had a first- our very own Decs/Mama morning at the zoo!

on the train:

Declan was asking the turtles for a hug:
digging in the sand pit- one of his fave things at the zoo:
is he 2 or 3? looks sooo old here:
we had a little picnic lunch:
after nap and dinner, we met the grandparents at Holmes.Lake:

oh, and it was gorgeous out. mid 70s and not humid.

We finished the night off at Dairy Queen but Declan's desire for independence led to a major meltdown. He wanted to hold the ice cream container but the ice cream itself was too hard to scoop out without our helping. A picture of what's to come?! Ha!

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happymomof2 said...

LOVE the picture of you and Decs. He is so handsome:)