Keeping it Real

So I borrowed this topic of Keeping It Real after reading one of the most hilarious posts by fellow adoptive mama at Rage Against The Minivan. Seriously, if you need a laugh-out-loud moment, read her most recent entry involving rolling down spanks and wet fingernails- all women can relate. 

In the spirit of realness, I'm pretty bummed at how tonight ended up. We  were uber excited to attend our church's tailgate party tonight. I live in Hus.ker country so this tailgate was all things Hus.kers with a lot of extras for the kiddos. Plus we had good friends going, so party all around, right?!

Well as I was getting ready tonight, Declan was playing in the recyclables. Anything to keep a toddler occupied, right? I look over and he drops a straw that he was playing with and pukes. Immediately, I was sure he had stuck the straw a little too far and hit his gag reflex. Mark bathed Decs and I cleaned the puke. Lovely. Anywho, we went on with our plans and headed to the tailgate since it was just an unfortunate gag reflex thing.

Wrong-o. At the tailgate party we were chatting with a friend and he barfs again! Poor munchkin. We high tail it out of there and lets just say our drive home consisted of 4 exorcist like moments. The next hour+ was spent disassembling my car seat and vigorasouly cleaning it with soap and water (I thought the cover could be thrown in the wash but the care instructions said not to). The inside of my car ate through half a container of Clorox wipes (picture Exorcist, barf everywhere). 

Decs is currently tucked away in bed. The pukes have stopped and his belly (with some Pedia.lite) seem on the mend. Thank you, Lord.

So I know this is way too much information. I would be queasy reading this pre-kids. But, this is our life. Just keeping it real. 

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