So, I'm pretty crazy about this guy:

Today was just one of those days where you inhale all that is your little family and exhale smiling.

This summer has been uber busy with parties, hang outs, play groups, weddings, etc. Today we just enjoyed our family of three. No plans, no commitments. 

After a morning of errands, we had a lazy afternoon. When Declan got up from nap we headed out to Lost.In.Fun (indoor play center) to watch our son burn energy. Afterwards, we grocery shopped at Target, picked up Chipot.le 'to go' and played more with Decs. Once he was asleep we watched a movie from Red.Box. 

I love it. Love my hubs. Love my Deckers. Loved this day.


Miss Morgan said...

If this had a "like" button, I would like it :)

BB said...

Sounds simply wonderful. I love days like that and its a shame that there can't be more of them! Actually, we probably wouldn't appreciate them as much if there were!


Anonymous said...

Haha... we call our Declan "dex" and "deckers" too. Glad you enjoyed your day - nothing better than downtime with the family!

Anonykat from SC