My baby is two.
I want to bottle him up at this very moment so I can remember each and every characteristic. 

Before I knew it he was counting, talking in sentences, and having strong opinions.
He plays harder, loves deeper.
He whines and throws tantrums.
He's passionate- mostly about balls and Dora- but passionate nonetheless.
I can't go 10 minutes without laughing at his quirky humor.

Declan, two is so good on you. 
Love you more than I could ever explain.
Happy Birthday, little man.
~your proud mama


Patti said...

I am also loving 2 more than any other age! Doesn't it just get better and better? :)

Oh, and Jeb also has a healthy obsession with Dora! I desperately wanted to buy him the sparkley pink and purple Dora backpack, but Daddy drew the line there ;)

2 year old boys are THE BEST!!

Happy Birthday, Declan!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

awww too cute of a picture! Happy Birthday Big Guy! Weren't you *just* celebrating his first birthday party?!!
Sarah M

Kelly said...

He is so adorable! I can tell that you are just such a proud momma!! :)