squeaky clean

Maybe once a week Declan doesn't nap. He still has "quiet time" in his room where he looks at books in his bed. Over the monitor, you can barely hear anything. This brings us to yesterday's "quiet time" session which, in reality, was "Declan rubbing Desitin all over his scalp" session. 

I washed his hair nearly 10 times and didn't make a dent. We were one step away from his first and only buzz cut when I decided to see if Mr. Google had any wisdom for me.  Wouldn't you know it that "how to get Desitin out of my toddler's hair?" had MANY responses. The overwhelming response was to use Dawn soap to cut the grease. Brilliant. They use that stuff to clean off animals after oil spills. I will say the first few washes had me doubting but after about 5 washes it started to come out.

Now, his hair, scalp and fingernails are squeaky clean. Lesson learned.

"What's the problem?"


birthmothertalks said...

That is too funny! Glad google came to the rescue.

happymomof2 said...

Oh, do I know this all too well!!! My son "the climber" got into the aquaphor one afternoon during "naptime". I caught him lathering it on himself. Such lovely stuff to clean off too!

Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness for Google! I wonder what parents did before the internet?