Mahoney Adventures

This year marked 26 years of Mark's family and two others getting away for a long weekend and invading Mahoney.State.Park. Boy, has it changed! My first time out was pre-dating (ya know, the "we're just best friends" stage of things) 11 years ago. We sat around in sweats, played games ate junk and relaxed and morphed in to slugs. This was the pattern year after year until Declan and his screaming lungs joined us at 4 weeks old. He had a (so far undiagnosed) milk protein intolerance that made him, well, not-so-pleasant to be around. That year was a blur.

The next year was fun but it was hard to do anything but try to keep a busy 1 year old from getting in to all things un-childproofed (which was the entire cabin). Last year was more of the same with a super active 2 year old where most activities were a bit too old for him yet. This year was da bomb! Yes, I busted out some 90s slang. But, it was. Loved loved loved it! Declan had an absolutely blast and is still asking to go out to "howne-ee". It was 70 degrees and sunny every day (amen) and so there were loads of outdoor activity. We covered a lot of ground: climbing the tower, indoor play place, paddle boating, fishing, craft making, made up out door games (including a giant branch...don't ask), etc. The little man pretty much melted in to a pile of exhausted by night time. Which was good considering we all 3 shared a room.

Several activities listed above were done with just Mark while I got to snuggle my week old nephew, Soren, and log some good Kindle time. Bliss, I tell ya.
 Showing off his leather stamped bracelet (arm band to Decs). If you run in to us ever this week, he's still wearing it on his upper arm. What a fashionista.
 How are these boys so old already?
 First time fishing with daddy.
 Declan loves his new cousin Soren (and his grandma)!
 Ipad with Grandpa. I remember my bother-in-law showing me his ipod 10 years ago. I was like "whaaaaat"...it seemed SO high tech. :)

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