Weekend Roundup

We had such a fun filled weekend. Mark swept me off to Omaha for a quick overnight birthday celebration. We stayed in the Old.Market and walked to a yum-o restaurant where we settled in outside for a relaxed dinner. Mother Nature had other plans and our food was packed up and we were nudged out due to an incoming storm. The skies indeed opened up 10 minutes later and we made it back to our hotel with minimal near death lightening strikes. 
Oh, I love this man. We had an absolutely blast eating takeout on our hotel bed, watching an overpriced movie, sleeping in, and over indulging in a hot breakfast. The day rounded out cheering on the Huskers as they made their Big 10 debut. Football season (i.e. Fall) is my favorite time of year. Go Big Red!! Can't wait to inhale college football for the next few months. Deckers rocking his Husker support:
Today I got spoiled all over the place. I turned the big 3-0 and couldn't be happier to welcome a new, fresh, exciting decade. Bring it on! My mom took me for a fab pedi and I came home deliriously refreshed because I thought it'd be a good time to sort through all of Declan's clothes (I'm going to consign some at a huge sale coming up). I quickly realized I have a serious problem buying clothes. In my defense, several totes are from him as an itty bit bit. As he got older, I knew his style and sizes better and the redonculous amounts I bought per season greatly decreased. Yikes, regardless. 

So happy Marky Mark is home tomorrow. Looking to do a big cleaning and then chillax again. Did I mention it's low 70s with no humidity and sunshine? God smiling down, people. God smiling down.

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