Friday iDump

beep beep, coming through (with cousin Evie in tow):
 look for it...look for it...
 kiss kiss:
 tracing letters on the Ipad:
 unseasonably warm!! woot!
 on a run with mommy (he didn't even last a mile):
 Declan and his 'tude:
 aw, cute dog children:
 Mark, Decs and I are all rocking the green smoothies:
 silly monkey:


Jake and Emily said...

You're probably wondering what the heck's up with me...aren't you?! :)

Check out www.psalm91family.blogspot.com to see what we were up to last year...I have a LOT to update, but I've been putting it all on Facebook lately...are you on there?

Ashley said...

Oh wow!!! So very exciting. There is a "...." and I'm curious how it has all shaken out. Find me on facebook so I can catch up. -Ashley Hustad

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

He is SO cute!! I can't believe how grown up he is getting. How is he old enough to be potty trained?!

jules ... bedheadandbrainfarts.blogspot.com said...

Oh man, Decs keeps your life exciting! What do you put in your green smoothies? I'm thinking of trying it with the kids and I have a recipe from Nat, curious about yours though!