phases and stages

Declan has gone through lots of phases and stages: balls, Dora/Diego, bowling pins, Mickey, etc etc. This one is a doozy. Complete and utter obsession.

Maria, Luigi, Toad and Yoshi have taken over my son's world. Yes, folks, Mario Bros is on the top of the "phases and stages" list. He wakes up talking about it, goes to sleep talking about it. He role plays with his stuffed animals. He begs to play it on the Wii (we have to restrict this big time). I've fallen prey as I'll pick up the random shirt and jammies (only in little boys XS because it's not a popular toddler hobby).

A boy and his current love:
How incredibly grown up does he look here? Blows me away. I have a little story about these pics. Declan accompanied me to a photo shoot today and I was checking the light (he was my little model). The shoot was for a gal who has 3 kiddos...probably 7, 5, 3 in age. The 7 & 3 year olds (boys) played with Decs for nearly half an hour after the shoot. They had an amazing time and it was a nice mental break as Declan has been alone with me working today because our childcare fell through. He has constantly needed my attention for every little thing all day long. With these boys he was in heaven. 

As I drove away from the shoot I was a little sad. Declan needs a sibling. I can't wait to see him run around and play games with his sister or brother. I called Mark and he tried to "encourage" me by saying they played so well together because they WEREN'T related. Ha!

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