Vegas 2.0

This was the trip of firsts. Mark and I usually go to Vegas alone (we were just there in July) but this trip was with my office. So, the mantra of this trip was to try new things.

Some firsts:

-Flying out of Grand Island from this tiny 3000 sq foot building....basically 1 large room. You even walk out to the plane. A little freaky that it was all on such a small scale but I'd fly from there again.
-Right after landing, a new first: limo to the hotel. Woo hoo!! We always travel alone so taxis are the cheapest but with a group, limos are the most economical. Yes, please!
Mark, me and my co-worker Joe

-Staying at the New York, New York and we LOVED it. Perfect size, great restaurants, clean, nice rooms, good location. The first night our whole crew ate at Gallagher's Steakhouse and settled in at the Dueling Piano Bar.  Dinner was fab (isn't most food in Vegas??) and the piano bar is an experience none of us will soon forget. Side note- borrowing friend's heels and dancing = super sore feet the next day. Yikes. That first night Mark also won $450 in craps (he's never played before). HOLLA!! Other NY/NY highlights: nice gym (yes we got up and worked out because we are weird), fun roller coaster (Mark did this with my co-workers while I watched out the window), Ben & Jerry's (need I say more?!), and a sassy little Mexican restaurant that was deeeelicious.
 My co-workers. So lucky to work with such great people!!
Dueling Piano Bar

The next day, we woke up and got in a good work out and headed to the Fashion Mall. We could not go there without happy hour at our favorite sushi joint: RA. Several friends and family share a love for RA, especially their entree called "hot mess". You'll just have to trust me here- it's off the charts.

-That next night we saw Criss.Angel.Mindfreak with my co-workers. It was giant waste of $200. Doesn't help that we chose that over a Circ.de.Solei show (we've gone to 3 and loved them). Regardless, it was a trip of firsts and we wouldn't have ever gone to it on our own and got to spend time with my co-workers. So, not a waste.  The night was redeemed when we went down to Fremont Street. MAJOR people watching there. Wowza.
 Me with my co-worker's wife (who I am friends with outside of this trip)
 The hubs with Josh and Bryan (co-workers). Limo down to Fremont St.
-The next day we went to a buffet. I hate buffets. I loved this buffet. It was at Aria, a funky new hotel. Since my husband has always wanted to go to a Vegas buffet and I never do, this was a perfect chance. It was so chic and impressive [and expensive]. ;) After Aria, I hit the outlet malls with a friend. How have we never done this before? Same stores as Fashion Mall but cheaper. I was on a purse mission and am the owner of a new funky Michael.Kors purse. I will never spend that much on a purse in my life again so I look to enjoy it for a long time!
-That night was chill and fun and spent back with the work crew at a local Irish Tavern. Lots of music, dancing, Fish 'n Chips, and more people watching. We turned in early (nearly 1am...."Vegas early") and woke back up a mere 3 hours later at 4am to get to the airport. Somehow we barely made the plane and slept the whole flight back.
So many new things, so many fun things, so much bonding. Vegas, you're the best.  And tiring. And expensive. Regardless, see you later this year????!? :)

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Sara said...

Looks like a blast! When we've stayed there in the RV (which has been a lot over the years), we've stayed just 2 blocks from Fremont. Always an interesting place ;-) So glad you had fun! xxoo