A Night at the Museum

A local museum is having free admission Thursday nights in Feb and since Mark has guy's Bible study, we went on a Decs/Mommy date. It was so fun to see him wide eyed in wonder: "wha wha what's that, mommy??"
Mark and I both went here when we were kids. This front room was my favorite!
Digging for bones (my husband's favorite room when he was Dec's age):
Can you say goofball??
 Looking at bug's wings in the microscope (a popular stop):
 Listening to bug chirps and buzzing (Declan loved this):
So in awe!
Yoshi in hand and looking so tall and skinny:
 Ahhhh, the museum through the eyes of a three year old. Or, "the big zoo" as Declan called it. He was a bit confused why everything was so still. :)

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