Run run run...

I have been bitten hard by the running bug. I've mentioned before that I joined some girlfriends last October for my first 5k. I used the Couch to 5k training program and, lets just say, it was not a great experience. I didn't really like the training, didn't really like running the race. Not for me. Fast forward a couple weeks. I actually missed training. Waah?! Who is this girl? So I signed up for another 5k and the training was more fun the and race was a blast. Then it happened: crunchy knees. Yikes! Right around the holidays my knees were sending me the message that I was not meant to run. Too heavy? Wrong bone structure? Whatever it was, my running days were short lived.

Thankfully, I rested 6+ weeks and my knees returned to normal. On impulse (and with nagging from a friend) I signed up for a half marathon. I found a schedule that looked doable (ha!) and fired it up three weeks ago. Did you know when you take 6 weeks off you are back to square one? Like you can barely-run-2-minutes-without-panting square one? SUPER frustrating. Despite my grumbles about my lack of fitness, I've thrown myself in to the sport. I've read lots of blogs and some books and am super focused on nutrition, form, interval training, etc etc.

This past Saturday, my running partner and I ran FIVE miles. I can't believe that it is actually getting easier. It's still no 13 miler (thankfully the half isn't until May) but it's an enormous accomplishment. Please don't get me wrong, though, after about 2 miles it was a serious mental and physical battle. Last Fall when I started running, I had never ran a mile. When I took 6 weeks off I had to retrain my body to reach that mile once again. Now I run miles and am amazed what my body can do. Yes, I'm bit by the bug. I think about running all the time and am jealous when I see people running outside and can't wait for my next run. Who woulda thought?
Jazzed after my first ever 5 on Saturday:


BrandiH said...

Congratulations! I cant wait to start running again and I dread the re-training time!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

way to go, Ashley. You've hit some great marks this past year and this is just another feather in your hat! What a great accomplishment, girl!
Sarah M

Simply Complex said...

Yay to running, Congrats.