Declan started preschool February 2nd. He started non-stop sickness about 48 hours later. :) No exaggeration. A cold turned in to a double ear infection and 10 days of antibiotics. On the 8th day of those antibiotics, he started coughing. A lot. He got a new virus while he was finishing up antibiotics? No fair. That was 2 Thursdays ago.

Over the weekend, he was fine. Just an annoying cough that kept us up all.night.long. Last Monday morning, after a sleepless night, he was so lethargic. Cue the puking. Little man hadn't puked in over a year! I credit my hand sanitizer obsession. Off to the doctor we went for a strep test. It was negative and we went home to rest it up. He went in between a 102 and 103 fever Monday thru Wednesday!! Brutal!!

Thursday the fever went away. I saw the light! Little man seemed better and joining the real world was just a day away. NOT. Friday he woke up and couldn't even stand. He had horrible back and abdominal pain. Off to the doctor we went. Poor little man was hung over the toilet with nausea and his temp went from 99 to 103 in 10 minutes!! He could barely open his eyes and was shaking. We were so scared for him! Our doctor sent us to the hospital for an ultrasound, blood work and he even had to have a catheter (which was rip out your heart sad....). Later that day, we found out his tests were all clear! This was just a horrible, nasty, long, painful, annoying VIRUS. Yuck!! His fever finally went away Saturday afternoon and it seems like, just today, we are nearly back to normal. *fingers crossed* I will say that I got SO many hugs, snuggles and pure "I need you, Mommy" moments. Warms my heart. Now, we pray he's 100% and stays that way for a bit. He's been through enough!

Brave, brave boy. So proud of him.


aramanthe said...

Poor guy!! I hope he's back to normal soon! What a trooper.

Simply Complex said...

You poor things. There is some weird stuff going around this year. My friends one year old had a 103 fever for 10+ days and finally ended up in the hospital because no one knew what to do, or what was going on. IV antibiotics, about ten billion blood and urine cultrures, and three days later, they were finally able to go home. Of course, everything came back negative! Can you believe that?

birthmothertalks said...

Poor baby. Glad he is getting back to normal.