So I've been busy cleaning and organizing my house. Today, I focused on moving most of my stuff out of baby D's room (our house was built in 1922 so the closets aren't as big as I'd like), organizing his clothes and putting a few more finishing touches on his nursery.  Yes, I still work but my schedule has been really busy in the evenings (I sell real estate) so I've been sleeping in (gotta do it while I can) and working on baby stuff in the morning and then going in to work.  I'm glad I have this flexibility because I swear it's a part time job getting ready for this little guy. :) A few other things that I've been doing to keep distracted, um, I mean busy:

-Watching the Baby Dunstan Language dvds. I first saw Priscilla Dunstan on Oprah where she explained how she discovered her son had distinct cries that identified his needs. For example a cry with a "neh" sound meant he was hungry and an "owh" cry meant he was tired.  I watched these dvds with a skeptic spirit, but when I finished, I can say that I'm a bit of believer. It's weird- I hear the cries that she teaches us to listen for when I'm out in public. Obviously I will be testing my new knowledge and I will report back.
-Taking advantage of spontaneity. I'm not a very spontaneous by nature, but we've been making random dinner plans at the last minute, etc and trying to enjoy our ability to do what we want on the drop of a dime. :) I'd like to reiterate (so I can later re-read) that we really have a strong desire to continue to be social, multi-layered people. I really don't want to talk 'all baby all the time'. I'm hoping this is a realistic goal!
-Working, working, working. I've put on 6 listings this week. Each listing takes up quite a bit of time from the initial appointment to getting it online to scheduling showings and following up for feedback.  I am excited beyond words that I will get an actual 6 week time period off work. This is practically unimaginable in my field. I am fortunate to be able to "pair up" with another agent in my office that is trying to start her family- so she can take over my current business and leads (and split the commissions) and I can then do the same for her when she has a baby.  It's a huge blessing and I can't wait. I haven't really had time off in 4 years. When we do go on a vacation or get away for a bit, I'm always being called or emailed or trying to coordinate something back home.  This will be the first time I will put an "I'm completely unreachable" voicemail on my cell phone. Undoubtedly, I will lose some referrals and we will have to tighten down the budget but I know it will be worth it. My plans for work after D is 6 weeks is to put him in an "in home" day care 2 days a week and then scheduling the rest of my appointments in the evenings and weekends. I hope I can get organized enough that I can do this without my clients feeling that I work part time (though the hours won't add up to part time, but anywho).
-Taking extra time with our dog children. Yes, I must admit it was a hard transition on ME to put our dogs down in their new home (our basement).  They've adjusted nicely and, in my husband's words- "they're dogs". I've been found most nights watching t.v. with a dog curled up on each side. Sophie has definitely been getting extra care since she's been covered in huge hives for 2 days. I'm pretty sure she eats our trumpet vine flowers as snacks when she's outside but she might have been stung too.

So that's a bit of a summary of my life right now. It's sooo surreal that in a blink it can change. Birthmom is due in 3 weeks so it could be any time now. :) Wowza.


becklaw said...

sorry our convo was cut short last night, i went upstairs, got distracted, and fell asleep...darn jetlag! I'm so excited for you and i can't wait til Thanksgiving when I can see you and "d" and just be around for a little bit. The trip in June felt so rushed...I would love to spend an afternoon with you, just chatting and stuff! Also, bravo on focusing on you for a change! I know if you put your mind to it, you can stay social with a baby :) I believe in you! :) Hope to talk again soon, love!

Rebekah said...

It's good to keep busy, isn't it? It makes the time go by faster! And YOU don't have very much longer to wait! YAH!!!!

EmilyLove said...

I love this blog entry!! First- I remember the Dunstan lady on Oprah, wrote down what she said, and that woman is right on the DOT! Second- I'm so glad you guys are taking chances to go out, etc. now. We have tried not to let having a baby take over our lives, and think we've done ok with it, but in the beginning there is no YOU/COUPLE time. So, way to go! I can't wait to meet little "D"!!!

Montefusco Family said...

Hey this is DenelleM from SC and I wanted to tell you that I am so happy and excited for you guys! I can't wait to hear more about your little boy. [I am addicted to your blog btw]

Mama Bear said...

the cry thing is so true! the a nah one was my daughters hungry cry- but you will pick up on them- it is so interesting!!!!!