Best birthday EVER

Ok, so my blog will become private soon, I swear. It's a bit more of a project than I thought it would be and blogger only lets me have 100 readers and, to my surprise, my hotmail inbox is pushing that amount of requests! It's been so heart warming to hear from all our readers and thanks for all the sweet notes you put on your emails. :)

So as you guessed from my title, I turned 27 yesterday. We had a great day with Declan. He had his first check up and weight 7 lb 6 oz already (he was 7 lb 1 oz at birth, lost a little before discharge from the hospital). So he's a big, growin' boy! He still has what the doctor considers colic and our hot button screaming crazy times are in the evening and night time. He's happier during the day. No sleep for us, but sleep is overrated anyways.

Our Bible study had a little get together last night. Here are the cakes that my friend K made:

Here's Declan and the birthday girl:

It was nice that Dec met everyone in Bible study. We were the only couple without kids so now the day care is complete!! (that's a joke for those in our group) ;)

More later...we have a busy weekend...b-day party @ my parents tonight, Husker game tomorrow (not sure if we'll watch it here or not), my nephew's b-day party Sunday and possibly church that morning.

*EDITED later to add...* I forgot to address Declan's name in this last post. People have been asking about it. First of all, it's pronounced "Deck-lan". It's Irish and mean's "full of goodness". Mark was watching a movie a couple years ago and heard the name Declan. He told me about the name and it's been in our heart ever since. I always felt like we'd have a son so, all through fertility treatments and the adoption process, I prayed for him by name. :)


amber said...

love the picture! He looks so sweet.

Hannah said...

How do you pronounce his name? I'm thinking day-KLON.


My little bro Charlie started college last week, and with all the ups and downs of last week, you've been on my mind a lot. How far we've come from that bunk bed in Mayfield...

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

I love your posts and pictures about Declan. It is so neat to hear you say,"I always felt like we'd have a son so...I prayed for him by name". It really shows the majesty of God from way back when Mark saw that movie! I love hearing stories like that!
PS--I also didn't know if I was pronouncing it right, so the phonetics was nice, too!

Kristin said...

You look like a very happy birthday mama! I love watching the Lord bless his people so richly! You guys make me proud!

ash said...

hey hun! i love it how you look so natural! it's been a long time coming and i'm so happy for you, i love how you updated your 'about me' section to the right of your blog. i think all moms feel like they're 'learning how to be a mama' most of the time, i know i'm still learning!

we have our adoption signing on monday and we're so excited.

glad you're doing awesome!

Tracey said...

Love the name...your actually the second person I have heard of naming their son that....I to pray for my baby by name!!! God Bless...please put me on the 100 list when you go private.

Rebekah said...

Oh, Ashley HE IS BEAUTIFUL! My heart overflows for you, I'm sorry we missed out on all the details (but totally get the private thing). Your mama heart just BEAMS from that picture. I couldn't possibly think of a better birthday gift! I had the "turning 27 blues" but you must be rejoicing!!!

I love the name and think it's amazing how God prepared you heart and fulfilled your dream, even in the gender department! He's going to love that MOD room you have for him!

Can't wait to read more! And I'm not surprised one bit that you have 100 readers. You captivate us! :)

Natalie said...

I hope I can stay one of your readers. You are a beautiful mama. Praising Him with you for "giving you more than you could ever ask or imagine" in your little man, Declan. Being a mama just gets better and better. Enjoy every moment!

becklaw said...

my heart is bursting for you right now. I am just so incredibly excited and i can't even begin to say how much so. I wish we were closer so I could see more of you and Declan, and i'm looking forward to reading about your journey. add beck@pausingreality.com too :) don't forget, cause I don't want to miss out on your life!
much love, beck
p.s. HAPPY Belated birthday. P.S. are you registering for your shower? Let me know, cause I want to send something!

Stacy said...

Hey girl...why do you always do that. I'm reading happily along and then you always manage to make me cry in the last paragraph. I think it's beautiful that you prayed for him by name!

Anyway...Happy Birthday again and can't wait to read more.

expatbarrenness said...

I love the name! And he is adorable beyond words - God Bless.