How blogging has affected me...

I was tagged by a fellow blogger to write out 5 ways blogging has affected me. I'm supposed to tag other people but that's a lot more effort than my tired mommy brain can handle. So, if you feel led to make a list of your own, please do! They are fun to read.

Here's my list:

1. Blogging has been an outlet for me to honestly talk about what I'm going through with infertility, adoption or just life. It chronicles my journey and gives me something to re-read years down the road.

2. Blogging has given me connections to others that have touched my life beyond what I can say. I've "met" people that are struggling with infertility. I could read what they were going through and relate 100% which was invaluable when I felt alone in my fertility struggle. When we closed the door to treatments and opened it to adoption, I just went searching for blogs that talked about adoption and now have a whole new world of people that I relate to!

3. Blogging has made it possible for people to follow our story and saved me from re-telling things over and over. Now, my friends just say "so I read this or that on your blog..." instead of asking me how my last treatment was or when is my next adoption meeting, etc.

4. Blogging has educated me! I have learned LOADS about tons of things from reading a wide variety of blogs. I've gained new perspectives on everything from going "green" to thrifty living.

5. I've learned that my blogging can affect others. I know people connect to our story and they love and support us. I still can't believe the outpour of support when Declan's birthparents had a change of heart. All the comments and messages touched my heart forever. Our journey hasn't always been pretty but it is our life and if I can help anyone out there with my story, it's all worth it.

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