Declan the gasinator

It's been one week since we were shocked (ahem blessed) with our little guy. He continues to be super gassy and we're still trying a million suggestions and techniques trying to find the right ones to help with his colic. Yikes. There are such loud cries coming from our home at times. But, all in all, we adore our little guy!!! His cheeks are getting chubby and he's been eating more and more formula so I'm excited to see what he weighs tomorrow at the doctor. Here is a picture from this morning. He sometimes just stares at me on the changing table while I babble to him. It's fun mommy-Declan bonding time.


nicolem said...

Yea!!! you finally got a picture of him with his eyes open. What a little cutie!

Rebekah Wilson said...

My daugther had the worst month of gas when she was 1 month old. We tried everything under the sun. I hate to say it, but not much helped. The only thing that partially helped were the gas drops. We found that if given directly (not in her bottle) that it would help just a tad bit. He will grow out of it, I promise. After his digestive system matures a bit more. If anything, bring it up with the pediatrician. He might have a formula change suggestion.

the d'angelo family said...

Our doctor (and my RN sister-in-law) suggested Dr. Brown's Bottles (http://www.handi-craft.com/) for colic and gasiness. Good luck and I can't wait to hear (err-read) about his Dr. appointment!

Mountain Girl said...

What a CUTE baby!!!! He is really looking intently at you, huh? Good luck with the gas thing!

Tracey said...

The Happiest Baby...read this book about crying issues. Beautiful boy!!

ash said...

i agree with 'the d'angelo family's comment about dr. browns' bottles. the triplets i was a nanny for used them and they helped tremendously. i will warn you though, get used to hand washing all the little parts with tiny pipe cleaners, UGH! that part stunk, but the lack of gas makes it worth it!
and remember, he may never grow out of it, after all he IS a little man. Twenty five or so years from now he'll be burping and farting with his wife and she'll be asking you what to do about it and all you'll be able to say is "at least his gas isn't my problem anymore!"

(i did post a few blogs for you too!)

love ya!

Emily said...

Ohhh colic...I remember that.

To add to your endless list:
~we switched formulas to Similac Sensitive.
~used Playtex drop in liner bottles to be able to "push" the air out.
~Asher preferred to sleep in his car seat...he would sleep all through the night.
~to be held, he preferred to be laid with his belly on our forearms.
~gas drops didn't really work for us during the colic stage but seem to work now.
~sometimes a warm washcloth inside of a baggy wrapped in a towel (like a warm compress) on his tummy felt good to him.
~lots of walking the floors
~the Rockabye Baby! Smashing Pumpkins lullabye CD calmed him down.

GOOD LUCK with figuring out what works (and then he's likely to change it up on you!)

I think Declan looks like your hubby. :) They have the same hair.

Rebekah said...

Ashley, he's so tiny! Sorry, I can't be any help on the gas end! :)