3 months old and my 100th post!!

Declan was totally chillin' in his Bob Marley t-shirt that Aunt Kellie got him in St. John. I'm pretty sure he might be the cutest kid I know.

So...my little man is 3 months old today!!! Some things to remember (I'm already having to look back at months 1 & 2 to remember weights and stuff):
Today: November 25th, Declan is 3 months old!
Weight: 12 lb, 2 oz + (he was weighed a week ago)
Nicknames: still going by Decs, Decker, Buddy but has picked up Monkey. His arms are always flailing and he looks like a little monkey.
This past month...
-He found he hands. He likes to shove them in his mouth as much as possible.
-He also found his cute little voice and we wish we could understand all the little yelps and coos he says. Some day he'll have words but for now the noises melt my heart.
-The formula war marches on. The Ali.mentum powder formula is on the shelf and we now are stocked with Ali.mentum liquid ready-to-feed ($9/day...woot woot). His tummy is handling it really well so that's what we'll be on for awhile.
-Unfortunately the baby Eins.tein mat isn't his favorite anymore and he gets fed up with it after about 5 minutes. What is his new favorite?? The TV. Yes the stupid TV...he cranks his neck to see it. We're hoping he doesn't really like TV but that he likes the colors and movements and light. We do not want him hooked.
-As seen in a previous post, my cute tiny little boy has some serious neck strength and he likes his Bum.bo already. Woo hoo!
-In total, this last month, Declan slept through the night 4 times. Not too shabby. We'd like more, but we're happy he's pretty great overnight so one feeding isn't the end of the world.

This next month brings our first holidays with our new family. I absolutely can not wait!!


Amber, That's Me! said...

He is pretty cute and that shirt is rockin'!

Mountain Girl said...

Wow, three months old already - wow! He is such a cutie pie and it's fun to follow him growing up!

Kris said...

Colin loves the tv too. Hey sometimes you just gotta take advantage of it! I wish Colin was holding his head enough for the Bumbo. He isnt even close yet...my little lazy boy!

April said...

I realize I'm posting on this two years after the fact, but I just found your blog recently and I'm making my way through! I'm a big fan of Bob Marley, so I like the little onesie! :)