I've gotten in to quite the routine of things to get Declan to sleep for his afternoon nap. My son has no "tired" button and he never wears out. For nap I rock him for at least 30 minutes, rub his back and hum "Hallelujah". I can't forget this last part. If I stop humming, his fluttering eyes pop open like "ummm...don't stop..." Have you heard this beautiful version? Totally worth the 4 minutes. My humming does not compare even one bit.

Curious about other's bedtime song(s)?


EMILY said...

It funny the things we do to get them down...I have times when I think to myself 'emily, ruby has gone down for every nap time, and she will go down for this nap too"

Jess said...

Yum! :). I do love that song though!

You're a hero with the naps. Our kids always slept good...we're just now starting to have trouble with napping. I think ours might be about running out!!

Rebekah said...

We have a hard time settling in for naps over at our house, too! This is a beautiful version of the song, I had never heard it before.

k said...

Have you ever heard The Canadian Tenors' version of this song?? It's amazing... as are all of their songs :)