Trying to sell our home, thus, cleaning way too deeply and way too often for showings. Stressful to say the least.

Working through our home study and seeing the finish line near (2 meetings left!) Next step: work on our profile that will be shown to expectant parents. Gulp. Scared, excited, pressure filled.

Playdates, zoo trips, family time. Spring, I love you.

Doing photo shoots, finally. My camera was getting dusty.
Work is busy (praise.the.Lord), we're happy and healthy (a double praise.the.Lord). I'm wrestling against an unsettle spirit towards our house selling, where we'll be next, if there will be a next (our house might not sell). 

More than anything, thankful. Thankful and blessed. That's what is up here lately.


Rebekah Wilson said...

As excited as I get about change, I am equally scared. to. death. about it. Moving was so scary. It was a tiny apartment..two bedrooms with two kids, two adults and two dogs. It was just too small. But I teared up painting over Kaitlyn's room/nursery. There was just so much attached to that darn place. Both kids were brought home there. It was all they ever knew. I can totally understand how you feel with the attachment part.

I am so anxious to hear all the updates on your newest adventure in adding to your family. Brings back the memories of your wait for Decs (well you didn't know you had any match when I started following). I love it and I am soooooo excited for your newest addition even though there is no addition yet :)

Melba said...

I love this post. I hope your house sells, and I hope too, that the rest of what you have to do for adoption #2 falls into place soon.