sunshine + fresh air = bliss

There is nothing better than Spring. 
The sunshine, fresh air, park days, picnics, flowers. Love it. Every bit.

I sit here blogging for the 2nd day in a row because my son ran around a playground for hours with 4 little boys and is entering hour THREE of his nap. Oh, the joy.
*Side note: this picture I snapped with my phone blows me away. My little Deckers is such a big boy. Sniff. 
*Additional side note: We turned in gobs of paperwork the day after meeting with our caseworker this week. Let's get this home study stuff moving. That's how we roll.


EMILY said...

Good, good, good!!! That is all so good to hear! I know we are spending a ton of time outside also and she has been going to bed earlier!

raisingmiles said...

LOVE the spring time too!

YAY for more home study stuff.

April said...

He does look so big there! Hooray for getting the home study stuff going! : )