Let the fun begin.

Today was a day we've been looking forward to.....our first day at the Children's Zoo this season. We have a family pass and it's usually a once a week excursion so there is much fun to come. It was an "Earth Day Scavenger Hunt" theme but it was also about 45 and windy. We froze our tootsies off but it was fun nonetheless. (Plus we were some of the only people there!)

Declan is capital "O" Obsessed with the goats. 
He would stand there and feed them forever if I let him. 
There are 6 week old babies this year and they are precious. I wanted to stick one in the stroller and go on my merry way and hope they didn't notice. :)

It was so fun to have daddy along!! We go to the zoo a lot during the week on play dates while he's working. Declan took so much interest in things this year. It's going to be a fun season (did I mention that already?!)

Coldest train ride ever! But so worth it. Oh, and Declan refused to take this pic without "Baby" in it. Yes, Baby did the entire zoo with us today. I tried to explain that Baby doesn't need to do everything with us with no success. 

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