"All Abooooard!"

Today is a day I've been a little fearful about: Declan's first trip to the dentist. We could not have picked a better pediatric dentist or a more fabulous office. It is a full on train theme, complete with a train in the waiting room, trains on tracks on the ceiling and lots of fun themed things.

silly boy 
Declan was a total rock star getting his teeth counted, cleaned and getting a fluoride treatment. He was his little charmer self and had the staff smitten. I'm so proud of my little man!!! In all honesty, I expected chaos. Beyond him running away from me to get back to the trains, it was a great experience.

chewing on his prize
We made an appointment for 6 months for a cleaning and the dentist said "you'll get to come back by yourself since you'll be THREE". Whaaa? 3? Don't skip this mama's heart. 

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