There is some background to this post. When Jack passed away (two weeks ago today) we were completed devastated. We swore off future dog ownership--it's just too hard on the heart. Those next few days were really awful and we felt like there was a huge hole in our world. Our other boxer, Sophie, was depressed too. We knew that would pass and did our best to get use to our new normal. On Wednesday of that week, Mark and I drove to Des Moines for a conference. On that 3.5 hour drive we both admitted that we had been thinking about rescuing another boxer. We both felt like it would appear to others that's too soon.

We agreed to apply to a couple boxer rescues and see what dogs came available. One little guy caught our eye but that particular rescue didn't get back to us. Bummer. Then, Sunday night I was looking through the other rescue site and they had just received 3 beautiful boxers on Friday that were set to be euthanized on Saturday. One of these dogs in particular stole my heart. I texted Mark a picture while he was at fire pit and he loved him too. I emailed for info on him as we were looking for a dog that had good energy (I know, we are nuts), was good with kids and was cuddly. YES- Jack to a "t". Now as much as we adored Jack we know he'll never be replaced. We just wanted a similar dog. The fiesty energy was missed. The sweet affection was missed. On Monday we heard back that this dog was indeed available and had been at a "Paws at the Park" event that weekend and was great with kids, playful and cuddly. Wow! Knowing that they foster dogs 2-4 weeks, the timing felt perfect.

Well we got a call we didn't expect Tuesday evening. They did find a foster home (he's been at a shelter for a bit) but it was in South Dakota! AND...the foster home could potentially fall in love with him and keep him. So, this rescue never does this but would WE foster/adopt him?! I talked to Mark and he say "of course" and they brought him Thursday. So from the moment we admitted to wanting another boxer, we adopted one 8 days later. Craziness. This is usually how we roll though. ;)

Crosby is a JOY. He is 1 years old...total puppy. He has some basic manners and we start training on Tuesday to learn more. He is HUGE. We thought Jack was a big boxer! Crosby is way bigger! He settled right in to our family and he is great with Decs. Sophie hasn't been happier. They run around the yard like best buds. He is perfect for our family. We are thrilled.

This sweet girl is a happy girl. Unfortunately this past week, at a well check, she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy just like Jack. ARGGG. So we started meds and hope we get some time with her!
The funniest thing about Crosby is that his whole nose is set off center. It's too adorable makes his personality even more irrisistable.


happymomof2 said...

Omg!!! So stinkin cute!! The first picture he looks so much smaller than he actually is- as I can see from the other pictures! Congrats!!!

Hannah said...

What an amazing story! The picture of Declan and Crosby is wild. So glad for you guys to find the perfect pup.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! He is ADORBS with that nose! No wonder you fell head over heels with him.

birthmothertalks said...

Too cute!! don't they do health checks before they adopt them out??

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE his little crooked nose:) It gives him personality!! Congratulations! I adopted too right after my big guys passed last year. We have a small Chihuahua - so I was missing that big lug of a dog around the house. It is a decision I am so glad that we made!

Kris said...

I totally missed Jack's passing :( RIP sweet, handsome boy! Crosby looks like a great fit and couldn't be any cuter! Welcome home Crosby!