Hello, Spring.

Our weather recently has been very un-May-like. Today was redemption...73 and sunny. I asked Declan what he wanted to do and he decided he wanted to ride his bike around Holmes Lake (2 miles!) First we got in some lunch and park play.
Off we went. Declan seriously talked to everyone we passed. He also asked to pet every dog we passed. I appreciate his good dog manners but, geebers, that's a lot of dogs and a lot of small talk for me. ;) Some of my favorite things he said to random people:

"I'm riding a bike just like you."
"It's sunny today."
"You're beautiful" (He said this to a pretty middle aged woman. I'm 100% sure it made her day)
"I just love you" (He said this to an older women, all crooked and walking slow. Her face lit up and I got a little tear in my eye.)
"Are you watching how fast I ride?"
"My daddy is working today."
"I have something to tell you!" (followed by some random thing)

I could go on and on. It was hilarious. I honestly can not remember ever meeting a kid like Declan. His personality is an 11 on a 1 to 10 scale. Even though he's completely exhausting, he's a total joy.

This man was extremely patient with us. He answered about 22 questions about fishing and as we started peddling away, he got a bite and caught this fish!! Declan was amazed. This guy said he was his little good luck charm. Ha!

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Rebecca said...

I love reading about your sweet and energetic little guy!