Lincoln Marathon

Last year I made it through about 70% of my training for the half marathon and I injured my Achilles. I was supremely disappointed. Fortunately, I got to experience some of the race while I ran the last chunk with my running partner. Still- I fell short of my goal. This would be my year until missed registration by 30 minutes. It filled up in less than 24 hours!!

Regardless, this year was awesome! Sara (running partner) and my sister-in-law Jess got together to cheer on my father-in-law, sis-in-law and a bunch of friends. This is like a BIG deal here, y'all. Like half the city lines the streets to cheer. We had a BLAST. Mark my words here, friends: pending some sort of unforseen issue, I'm totally running Lincoln [Half] Marathon 2014. Eeekkkkk...I got nauseated typing that. Ha!
Cheerleaders. It was FREEZING:
Kinsey's first half!
 Linda rocking the FULL (her 5th I believe) marathon:
 Emily's first half:
 Grandpa and his tiniest cheerleader on his 10th half:
 My sweet boy.

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